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Find the auto loan that’s right for you

Dupaco Community Credit Union makes it easy for you to find the right auto loan.

Members and eligible non-members have options—from how they request the auto loan to how they pay it back—at every turn.

Dupaco offers no-hassle auto loans in all of its branches, through its website and at more than 90 dealerships in 42 counties, according to Bob Nicks, indirect lending manager at Dupaco.

“It’s a one-stop shop at our participating dealerships,” Nicks says. “You can purchase your vehicle and get the same auto loan rate and term you would by coming into one of our branches.”

You can choose from several ways to finance or refinance nearly any vehicle:

  • Traditional financing: This offers better-than- traditional rates with a variety of terms.
  • Pick-A-Payment program: Decide how much you want to pay each month and when you want to pay it. Choose weekly or biweekly for maximum savings.
  • Mini-Max Loan: This lease-like loan comes with several options at the end of the term: Turn in the vehicle, trade it or pay off the balance and keep it. Plus, a Mini-Max enables you to lower your monthly payments by up to 40% less than conventional loans. Calculate your payment here. 

And unlike some lenders, there are no prepayment penalties.

For more information about Dupaco’s auto loans, contact the Consumer Loan Department at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 202.