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College life: Stay connected to your financial wherever you go

Even while you’re away at college, you can remain connected to home.

Here are just four reasons to stay with the credit union you know and trust—even while you’re away from home:

  1. Continue to build a relationship with your credit union. This way, when it’s time to get your first auto loan upon graduation, you won’t be starting from square one with a financial institution. “Their credit union will be more likely to approve a loan, because they have been working with the student for the past four years,” says Jared Levy, relationship development specialist at Dupaco Community Credit Union’s Pennsylvania branch in Dubuque.
  2. Parents can more easily deposit and transfer money into your account. “I’m sure that is something many college students really appreciate,” Levy says.
  3. You can remain connected through online and mobile banking. The easiest way for college students to remain connected to Dupaco is to take advantage of Shine Online and Mobile Banking. Through Shine, you can track your balances, transfer funds, utilize budgeting tools, pay bills and even deposit a check from your mobile phone. “Shine is very quick and easy, and I use it all the time even though I’m right here in town,” Levy says.
  4. You can still have face-to-face service at partnering credit union branches. Dupaco is a part of a Shared Branch network, which gives its members the option to conduct numerous financial transactions at thousands of participating credit union locations. “You can deposit, withdraw or even pay your loans at these partner locations,” Levy says. “And chances are, there is a location near your college or university.”