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Former Iowa Community branches are now open as branches of Dupaco, with staff ready to serve you! We believe your Dupaco membership will provide you substantial benefits, including: enhanced online and mobile banking and branch convenience; mobile deposit; and expanded services.

We realize there are a lot of questions about the transition. The goal of this page is to provide you updated information on access to your accounts. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dupaco at 800-373-7600, ext. 0, or contact your preferred branch directly.


Posted 9:30 a.m. CT, Thursday, April 3, 2014

Accessing Online Banking:

  • Online Banking: Log in to Dupaco's Online Banking from our homepage at NOTE: Before using Dupaco's Online Banking, you must complete a short, one-time enrollment process online, even if you had previously used Iowa Community's online banking. To get started, from Dupaco's homepage, click on Register in the upper right quadrant of the page, under the Online Banking login box.
  • Transaction History: Transactions that posted to your account prior to April 1, 2014, will not show up in your transaction history in Dupaco's Online Banking. Your month-end statement for March will be sent via mail around April 4, and will include your transaction history for March. In mid-May, past month-end statements will be available for you to view, print or download via Online Banking.
  • Members previously receiving eStatements: Members that were previously enrolled in eStatements with Iowa Community will NOT have to re-enroll in eStatements with Dupaco. (You will need to complete the Online Banking enrollment process outlined in the first bullet point, above.) For the March month-end statement only, you will receive the statement via US Mail. Beginning with your April month-end statement, you will receive your statements electronically via Online Banking.

Information regarding credit, debit, and ATM cards:

Iowa Community debit, credit, and ATM cards stopped working at 7 a.m. CT on Wednesday, April 2. Members should begin using their new Dupaco cards. If you have not yet received a replacement card, please call Dupaco at 800-373-7600, ext. 201.

Comments (20)
Amy Van Donsel
 • 13 days 4 hrs 31 mins 40 secs ago
Can I still use my ICCU checks or do I have to get new ones?

Amy Van Donsel
 • 13 days 4 hrs 31 mins 40 secs ago
Can I still use my ICCU checks or do I have to get new ones?

Re: Checks
Dupaco Moderator
 • 9 days 21 hrs 52 mins 49 secs ago

Amy, you can continue to use your ICCU checks. When you run out, please re-order checks through Dupaco.


debit card
 • 21 days 49 mins 53 secs ago
I also have had a problem with my debit card. I have it activated. I was able to use it for a transaction at a business yesterday. Then today I tried to use it again and it was declined. I have checked my account and don't see any reason why the activity should be getting declined.

Re: debit card
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 45 mins 39 secs ago

Karyn, we are aware of a glitch and will contact you immediately for further details. Thanks!


Debit Card
Sarah Sinnott
 • 21 days 2 hrs 34 mins 35 secs ago
I go to school at Iowa so my dad had to mail me my new debit card, I called the number to activate it, (he said both of my sisters pin #'s stayed the same so he figured mine did, too) and it said my card was activated. 2-3 hours after I activated it I tried to use it and it did not work. My old one (ICCU one) did not work either. Do I just have to wait a certain amount of time before using after activating or is there a problem with my card?

Re: Debit Card
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 1 hr 20 mins 6 secs ago

Sarah, Not sure what is going on there. We will have someone from our card services department contact you soon. Thank you!


PIN Issue
Jackson Trainer
 • 21 days 3 hrs 17 mins 23 secs ago
I am also having trouble with my PIN number/card. My old PIN isn't working and I have not received a new one so I assume its supposed to be my old one. Also when I tried to use my card in a vending machine today it said it was declined. Need some help....

Re: PIN Issue
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 1 hr 26 mins 36 secs ago

Jackson, Sorry to hear about your card. We will have someone contact you as soon as possible.


debit card pin
 • 21 days 9 hrs 33 mins 25 secs ago
When I try to use new debit card it fails and says invalid PIN. I never got notice saying # changed. So now what? Kinda need access to my money.

Re: debit card pin
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 8 hrs 2 mins 39 secs ago

Mark, We will contact you shortly.


 • 21 days 19 hrs 51 mins 22 secs ago
Where can I go on tne internet to get transaction s from iccu for transactions befor 4/1/14?

Re: transactions
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 8 hrs 3 mins 21 secs ago

Karen, Currently, you will not find your transactions before April 1 online. A statement for your transactions before April 1 will be mailed to you soon. In May, you will have the ability to view your statement via Dupaco's Shine Online Banking. We are in the process of transferring data.


Not liking this
Chris B
 • 21 days 22 hrs 37 mins 10 secs ago
I am unable to see my transactions!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not liking this at all, leave things how they were.

Re: Not liking this
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 7 hrs 9 mins 2 secs ago

Sorry for the frustration this is causing you. Transactions occurring prior to April 1 will not show up in your transaction history. You will receive a March statement shortly (via mail) which will show March transactions. In May, your past ICCU monthly statements will become available in Online Banking.


Transferring funds
James Everett
 • 22 days 24 mins 59 secs ago
Why is it if I transfer funds from one account ot another more then 6 times in a month I get charged a fee. I see that you automatically transferred funds from my savings to checking while I could access the account so you only transferred enough to cover one check really so when I transferred money just now I have two transfers charged and we're only allowed 6. I transfer money all the time this probably isn't gonna work out.

Re: Transferring funds
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 7 hrs 16 mins 21 secs ago

To meet Federal regulation, we must charge this fee. Please consider calling us, and we can suggest ways to structure scheduled transfers to minimize these transfer fees.


VISA card
Peter Stoll
 • 22 days 3 hrs 3 mins 26 secs ago
I just activated the Dupaco debit and credit cards. I did have a balance on my old ICCU Visa. When I activated the Dupaco Visa, it said I had a 0 (zero) balance. While it would be nice to think that my balance on the ICCU Visa has just "gone away", I have a feeling that it will show up probably in a statement next month. Correct? Also, will we be able to pay the credit card directly from savings or checking? Thank you.

Re: VISA card
Dupaco Moderator
 • 21 days 6 hrs 41 mins 20 secs ago

Hi Peter, We are still in the process of transferring balances. We are taking measures to ensure you do not overspend! Thanks.


credit card balances
 • 22 days 3 hrs 25 mins 16 secs ago
I have a balance due of $150, but it shows on new site as zero? also not showing payoff or due date for my home equity loan. Thanks.

Karen Isabell
 • 22 days 4 hrs 24 mins 37 secs ago
Will my transactions from iccu transfer over ? As of now they have not shown up, balances show up only.?

Re: transactions
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 2 hrs 19 mins 21 secs ago

Hi Karen, Transactions occurring from April 1 through 7 a.m. CT on April 2 may not appear within Dupaco's online banking until later in the day April 2. Transactions before April 1 are not carried over to Dupaco's online banking.


 • 22 days 4 hrs 50 mins 55 secs ago
Just "Register"ed - the process was quick and easy. Just followed the prompts. Have been with different credit unions for 40 years & this has been the easiest, most user friendly conversions I've ever experienced! Thank you, Dupaco & the great staff in the Carroll, Iowa office! Looking forward to a continued, long relationship with this Credit Union.

Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 2 hrs 35 mins 29 secs ago

Lou, That is great news! Welcome to Dupaco. We are happy to have you on board!


two notices of PIN
Teresa Flack
 • 22 days 6 hrs 26 mins 12 secs ago
I received two letters with my PIN. One is the PIN I use today but a second one also came and it's a totally different number. Which one should I use?

Not starting out well
 • 22 days 8 hrs 30 mins 36 secs ago
I'm pretty upset that my debit card was declined last night at 6:30ish. My new card wouldnt have been working yet but my old card was turned off....this is not a good way to start a new relationship. This morning I tried to log on to make sure my account was user name brings up random security images that arent mine and random security phrases that arent mine but of course I cant even log in. I have been with ICCU for many years but it wont be long with these issues and I will be going elsewhere.

Re: Not starting out well
 • 22 days 7 hrs 25 mins 9 secs ago

Tami, ICCU cards should have worked through 7 am CT April 2, so I am not sure what caused your card to be declined before then. I'm so sorry about the inconvenience. Your Dupaco card(s) should work now. Regarding online banking, you will need to complete a short enrollment process online before you are able to log in. Your previous credentials for ICCU online banking will not work.


2 accounts
chris Johnson
 • 22 days 19 hrs 21 mins 33 secs ago
I have a business account and a personal account. My iccu debit cards had my business name for business acct and my personal name for personal acct. When my new cards arrived last week both cards only have my name. How am I supposed to distinguish between the 2. I understand the numbers are different but I dont want to have to remember which card number goes to which account. Its bad enough having to remember all the other stuff that this is causing with out having to remember which card number is for which account. Why cant you just put my business name as well as personal name on the business acct card like Iccu did????

Re: 2 accounts
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 7 hrs 17 mins 17 secs ago

Hi Chris, We can understand your concern. While we are becoming familiar with our new Dupaco members, there are bound to be some bumps along the road with a merger of this size. We will have someone from our Card Services department contact you and get this straightened out.


Thanks for the notification
Christy Pullin
 • 23 days 22 hrs 17 mins 57 secs ago
I was not aware my Debit card would not work tonight, as I was not properly informed it would not work after 6 tonight. I have no cash and cannot access my savings or checking from an ATM. Need gas and no way to purchase it. THANKS A LOT FOR INFOMRING ME. I am guessing many others were not informed. Your not starting off very good DUPACO. I am ready to move on! Out of all the mail you sent to my home, you didn't mention this one little glitch.

Re: Thanks for the notification
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 7 hrs 10 mins 52 secs ago

Debit card services should not have been interrupted until Wednesday, April 2. We will have someone from ICCU contact you soon.


Debit cards
Kaarl Niemeyer
 • 23 days 22 hrs 24 mins 44 secs ago
Your debit cards look like something from a pay day loan business.

Security Monthly Fee
Robert Bleymeyer
 • 23 days 22 hrs 52 mins 21 secs ago
Are we still going to be charged $1.95 a month for a security fee???

Re: Security Monthly Fee
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 7 hrs 11 mins 30 secs ago

Hi Robert, If you would like to continue the security coverage you already have, yes, the monthly security fee is still $1.95.


New cards
 • 31 days 3 hrs 45 mins 56 secs ago
When will the new ATM/debit/credit cards be mailed prior to April 2nd. I have not received a new card yet.

Re: New cards
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 7 hrs 1 min 57 secs ago

New ATM/debit/credit cards were mailed yesterday, March 24, to the members of Iowa Community Credit Union. Members can expect to have them sometime this week.


Routing numbers
JoAnn Phillips
 • 33 days 11 hrs 27 mins 26 secs ago
Do I have to go on April 2 and reset routing numbers for paying a credit card online? If so when will I get the new routing number?

Re: Routing numbers
Dupaco Moderator
 • 22 days 7 hrs 1 min 17 secs ago

Hi JoAnn, Starting April 1, all payroll deposits, bill payments and other ACH services will be based on account number. If you enrolled in any of these services prior to April 1, they will work as they have in the past. No action on your part is required. However, all members who enroll in these services on or after April 1 must use their NEW account number(s) when registering. In this case, you will also need Dupaco's routing number: 273974581.


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