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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Taking the mystery out of the machine

Live Video Tellers are making their way into more Dupaco branches. The live video tellers allow members to make transactions via a remote Dupaco teller in real time. Learn more about the newest way to conduct transactions:

Is this technology replacing people?

No. In fact, Dupaco’s live video tellers allow on-site staff to have deeper conversations with members about money. “Now we can spend more one-on-one time with our members to do Credit History Lessons, Money Makeovers, help with budgeting and more,” says Collin Olson, member service representative at the San Marnan Learning Lab in Waterloo, Iowa. “An extra perk of having the live video teller is that it allows our drive-ups to have extended hours, so our members can speak to live tellers before and after our branch lobby hours.”

Do I need my debit card to use a live video teller?

No. “You simply touch the screen, and it connects you to one of our live Dupaco tellers,” Olson says.

Shortly after the opening of the San Marnan Learning Lab in Waterloo, Iowa, Dupaco member Donovan Miles (left) uses the Interactive Teller Machine with the help of Dupaco’s Collin Olson. (G. Brown photo)

Shortly after the opening of the San Marnan Learning Lab in Waterloo, Iowa, Dupaco member Donovan Miles (left) uses the Live Video Teller with the help of Dupaco's Collin Olson. (G. Brown photo)

What transactions can I do?

Cash and check deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, ordering checks and much more. “Our members can do just about all the same transactions they would if a teller at the branch were helping them,” Olson says.

Are the live video tellers difficult to use?

“Many of our members are amazed by how a real person actually pops up on the screen to assist them, how easy they are to use and how much the tellers can do for them,” Olson says.

Dupaco features Live Video Tellers at the following locations:

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