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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Members report fraudulent calls requesting card information

As of this morning, a handful of Dupaco members had reported receiving unsolicited calls from someone claiming to be from the NCUA. The caller stated that the member's debit or credit card had been blocked, and proceeded to request the card information from the member, claiming the card could then be unblocked. THIS IS A SCAM.

Reminder: never provide personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited call, e-mail or text. If you are ever concerned about the legitimacy of a request for information, STOP, and do not provide information. Instead, report the incident to the local police department, and follow up with your financial institution or card provider using a phone number you know to be legitimate.

A red flag that serves as a tip-off of potential fraud in the above example: a CU, bank, or merchant through which you have a card ALREADY has your card information on file. A legit organization would NEVER be contacting you for this information.

For more information on common fraud and scams, how to prevent becoming victim, or how to mitigate losses from fraud, visit the consumer Protection section of our website.

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