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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Credit card statements eye-opening for this Credit Racer

Credit Racer Kayla W. never realized just how much she spent until she joined Dupaco’s Great Credit Race.

Now that she’s a VISA cardholder, she uses her credit card for most of her everyday expenses. She’s paid for everything from groceries to gas to college textbooks with her VISA.

“I usually put everything on it that I would have normally paid for with cash. It’s just easier than carrying around all that money,” says Kayla, who works two part-time jobs while attending the University of Dubuque.

While Kayla only uses her VISA for purchases she made before life as a cardholder, she’s been surprised at how quickly the charges add up each month.

“I never realized how much I spent normally. I’ve come really, really close to the credit limit,” Kayla says of a statement that included several college-related expenses. “That was one of those times I was shocked at how much I spent.”

Each racer in the Great Credit Race carries a VISA card with a $500 credit limit. Those who are competing in the six-month race for the highest credit score must abide by two rules: Don’t miss a payment, and don’t go over the limit.

Kayla, who learned about the race through a Dupaco employee, says the experience has already helped her become more conscious about her spending. It’s also helped her get into a routine of successfully managing a credit card bill. Rather than wait for her statements to arrive, she typically makes payments toward her VISA balance as soon as she receives a paycheck.

“This way I know that I’m not going to miss any payments,” she says.

Kayla says many of her college classmates don’t carry a credit card.

“I think it’s a good idea to get a credit card in college, even though you really do have to be conscious of not spending too much. It is a lot to handle, but sometimes you do need to have an emergency backup,” she says. “And it’s important to start building your credit as soon as you can.”


By Emily Kittle

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