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Monday, August 26, 2013

Phone scammers hit the Tri-States

The Dubuque Police Department and area financials including Dupaco are receiving numerous reports from residents of phone scams circulating in the area.

One of the phone scams involves a call with an automated message telling the individual his or her debit or ATM card has been deactivated, and instructs the cardholder to reactivate by entering their card number via telephone keypad.

In some of these reports, the area code on the incoming call is 909.

It has also been reported that some of the recorded messages state the call is coming from the "National Credit Union Administration," which it is not.

Regardless where the call appears to have originated, Dupaco reminds you to NEVER provide personal or financial information without first researching whether the request is legitimate. Especially if the call is unsolicited, it is likely to be fraudulent. If in doubt, hang up and do NOT provide the requested information.

Another phone scam to hit the area in recent weeks involves a request from a caller claiming to be affiliated with Medicare/Medicaid. The caller may ask for a Social Security number, credit or debit card numbers, and other personal or financial information. This is also a fraudulent request and individuals should NOT provide this information.

If you believe you have fallen victim to a scam, notify your financial institution immediately. If you are in doubt, your credit union, bank, or local law enforcement can also help you verify the authenticity of the inquiry.

By Jennifer Hanniford

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