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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trimming the family budget

The benefits of having an exercise partner are clear. There is strength in numbers. We hold ourselves more accountable when someone else is watching, and working out with a pal can make the time fly by. Why not approach personal finance the same way? This is a series following the progress of two sisters who have added a new label to their friendship – financial fitness buddies.

My husband will be the first to point out that I'm a tad on the frugal side.

Case in point: This week, I turned down his offer to buy Italian bread on his way home from work, because we had leftover hamburger buns that could be turned into garlic cheese bread. I still wear some of my T-shirts from high school. And I love shopping with coupons.

What can I say? I like to make our hard-earned money go to work for our family.

That's why I'm pretty excited about my latest tweak to the family budget.

I recently came to the realization that we were throwing a significant chunk of money out the window each month for cable TV. Don't get me wrong. We like watching TV. Sometimes. But to be honest, days go by without my kids watching a single show. And my husband and I don't watch TV until after the kids go to bed.

This week, we pulled the plug on cable.

I bought a $30 antenna, which nets us 15 clearly broadcast digital channels, and a monthly subscription to Netflix. Even including the one-time antenna purchase and monthly subscription, we will save $800 a year.

It gets better. I completed my insurance shopping spree this month. We will be moving our family's insurance policies to Dupaco Insurance Services, saving us an additional $200 a year for more coverage than we currently have.

Sure, some might call me frugal. But I like to think of it as making our hard-earned money work harder for our family.

By Emily Kittle

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