The Great Credit Race: The battle to build credit muscle.

The participant with the highest credit score at the finish line will win $1,000.

A credit score has a large affect on your ability to obtain financing, rent an apartment, get a cell phone, and even get a job. And it’s really hard to get credit if you have no credit score. Doesn’t make sense, does it? 

Our research showed that over half of our young adult members do not have a credit score. We want to change that through Dupaco's Great Credit Race and the education that all participants and race fans will learn along the way.

On May 1, Dupaco's Great Credit Race began— a competition in which participants race to build their credit score from 0 to as high as possible in six months.

Each of the Racers received a Dupaco VISA credit card with a $1,000 limit and coaching on how the proper use of credit can help build and maintain a favorable credit score. The participant with the highest credit score at the finish line will win $1,000. And everyone playing wins by establishing great credit.

Who's in the lead? See the leaderboard

Meet the coaches

Amanda Durham Marina Henriksen Tonya McGlaughlin Ben Strautmann


Learn about credit and credit scores

Race leaders keep their eye on the prize

Dupaco’s Great Credit Race is heating up, with three racers now tied for the lead.

Dupaco members Anna O., Kiernan S. and Brett B. continue moving their credit scores in the right direction—all reporting scores of 703 this month...

Read more

Great Credit racers charge their way to building credit

Dupaco’s Great Credit Race is just beginning, and the racers are strategizing how to quickly establish a solid credit score. All 14 participants received a Dupaco Visa credit card with a $1,000 limit and one-on-one credit coaching before the six-month credit-building competition kicked off May 1.

Now, it’s up to the racers to apply what they’ve learned and start building their credit score from 0 to as high as possible. When it comes to using their first credit card, the racers are already employing different strategies...

Read more about how the first few months are going for the racers

How to establish and grow your credit score

Your ability to obtain financing, rent an apartment and even get a job might all depend on your credit score. But it’s hard to get credit without a score...

Read more about how to establish and grow your credit score

Leading Great Credit Racers talk strategy

With Dupaco’s Great Credit Race at the halfway mark, it’s proving to be a close battle. The race leaders were stunned to learn about their top rankings. As they dare not to mess with success, find out what their strategies are...

Read more about how to establish and grow your credit score

When you know better, you do better.




Train your brain with educational resources on credit and credit scores

Developing, or improving, your credit score takes more than just opening a credit card and using it. The more you understand how credit works, the better your decisions will be when it comes to using it. We offer a wealth of resources below to help you understand your credit score: 

Discover It Read It Print It
Credit History Lessons Capacity is key to your credit score Nail your payments: Set up your budget
Bright Track credit score monitoring What's your number? A credit refresher  
Credit Coach loans 5 common mistakes that will hurt your score  
Budgeting The credit score conundrum  
  Know your score with our Bright Track report  

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