Community-Wide Garage Sales 

Why does Dupaco sponsor the garage sale event? As a credit union, Dupaco is about people, thrift, and the community. That's also what the Community-Wide Garage Sale is about, and why it's a perfect fit for us.

2019 Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sale dates have been announced:

2019 Garage Sale Dates: Dubuque and Manchester - Saturday, April 27; Platteville and Cedar Rapids - Saturday, May 11; Waterloo - Saturday, June 1; Carroll - Saturday, June 22

There are two ways to participate in the Community-Wide Garage Sales:

Host a sale and add your sale - coming soon!

Adding a sale is absolutely FREE, and is a community service made possible by Dupaco and garage sale sponsors in each community. You will be able to add your sale at no cost for free publicity online and in the printed directory. Then, stop by any Dupaco branch and pick up a free sale kit with price stickers, signage, balloons and more.

Browse the local garage sales - coming soon!

When the sale dates near and garage sales are registered, their locations—along with a description of sale items—will be searchable online. Save your favorite sales, and create a printable shopping route online, all at no cost! Printed directories, including a map of registered sale locations, sale times and descriptions, will also be made available the week of the sales. 

Have questions about the Community-Wide Garage Sale? See our Frequently Asked Questions below, give us a call at 800-373-7600 or email


Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sale FAQs

What days are the Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sales?  
The 2019 dates are as follows:

  • Dubuque - Saturday, April 27
  • Manchester - Saturday, April 27
  • Platteville - Saturday, May 11
  • Cedar Rapids - Saturday, May 11
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls - Saturday, June 1
  • Carroll - Saturday, June 22

What is the deadline for my sale to be included in the community print directory?
The deadline for adding your sale to be included in the directory is 5:00 p.m. CT on the following dates:

  • Dubuque and Manchester - Monday, April 15
  • Platteville and Cedar Rapids - Monday, April 29
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls - Monday, May 20
  • Carroll - Monday, June 10

How much does it cost to include my sale in the directory?  Adding a sale is absolutely FREE, and is a community service made possible by Dupaco and garage sale sponsors in each community. Add your sale at no cost for free publicity online and in the printed directory. Then, stop by any Dupaco branch and pick up a free sale kit with price stickers, signage, balloons and more. In order to be included in the printed directory, you must add your sale online by the deadlines listed above.

How long do they last? In each community, there is one official sale date selected for the Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sale (typically a Saturday). However, those hosting a sale may choose to also hold their sale the days leading up to and/or following the official date. Hosts set their own garage sale hours.

Where will the sales take place? The garage sales will take place at participating residences of the community that they are held in. Because the sales take place at the hosts' residences, the host may feel free to sell anything they can fit in their yard/garage.

I live outside the communities that are hosting sales. Can I still add my garage sale? Yes, you may still add your sale if you plan to have it during one of the community-wide sale weekends. It will be featured in our printed directory as an "Off Map" sale. If you plan to have your sale during a weekend in which our communities are not holding a sale, your sale will not be published in the printed directory.

Where can I add my sale? Sales can be added on the Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sales website (coming soon!). If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Dupaco at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600.

I have created my garage sale online. Can I edit it later? Yes! You can edit your sale as many times as needed, especially as you may need to take photos for your Featured Items, add/delete items, or edit descriptions.

What materials do I get when I add a sale? When you add a sale online, you will be able to pick up a Garage Sale Materials Kit at your nearest branch. The kit contains a garage sale tips sheet, directional signs, yard signs, price sticker sheets and a few balloons. Garage Sales kits will be available beginning in March.

When will my sale be featured in the local newspaper? Each community has a different garage sale date, so the directory will be published accordingly and announced at a later date. The garage sale directories will be published in local newspapers the same week of the sale. 

What other ways will the garage sales be promoted? The Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sales will be promoted on Dupaco's Facebook as events. 

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