Community-Wide Garage Sales 

Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sales

Why does Dupaco sponsor the garage sale event? As a credit union, Dupaco is about people, thrift, and the community. That's also what the Community-Wide Garage Sale is about, and why it's a perfect fit for us.

Here's how you can participate in the Community-Wide Garage Sale:

  • Host a sale and register your sale. Registering a sale is absolutely FREE, and is a community service made possible by Dupaco and garage sale sponsors in each community. Online registration is now open! Register your sale here at no cost for free publicity online and in the printed directory. Then, stop by any Dupaco branch and pick up a free sale kit with price stickers, signage, balloons and more.

  • Register your sale online by the following dates and your sale will be published in the printed directory the week of the designated community's sale:
    • Carroll—5 p.m. Monday, June 6

  • Shop at local garage sales. As garage sales are registered, their locations—along with a description of sale items—can be searched online. Save your favorite sales, and create a printable shopping route online, all at no cost! Printed directories, including a map of registered sale locations, sale times and descriptions, will also be made available the week of the sales.

Have questions about the Community-Wide Garage Sale? See our Frequently Asked Questions below, give us a call at 800-373-7600 or email

Dubuque Garage Sale
Dubuque Garage Sale Sponsors

Dubuque Garage Sale Sponsors


Manchester Garage Sale

Manchester Garage Sale Sponsors


Platteville Garage Sale

Platteville Garage Sale Sponsors


Cedar Rapids Garage Sale

Cedar Rapids Garage Sale Sponsors


Carroll Garage Sale

Carroll Garage Sale Sponsors


Comments (13)
community garage sales
 • 28 days 20 hrs 54 mins 6 secs ago
where can I pick up a map for this I am from out of town and need a map to know where they are

Re: community garage sales
Dupaco Moderator
 • 26 days 21 hrs 33 mins 33 secs ago

Hi Char, garage sale directories are available at the Dupaco branches in the community that the sales are in by Thursday the week of the sale. Otherwise, you can build your own itinerary online at


community garage sales
 • 28 days 20 hrs 54 mins 6 secs ago
where can I pick up a map for this I am from out of town and need a map to know where they are

Re: community garage sales
Dupaco Moderator
 • 26 days 21 hrs 33 mins 33 secs ago

Hi Char, garage sale directories are available at the Dupaco branches in the community that the sales are in by Thursday the week of the sale. Otherwise, you can build your own itinerary online at


car for sale
 • 40 days 18 hrs 16 mins 53 secs ago
Can I list a car for sale? If so how?

Re: car for sale
Dupaco Moderator
 • 40 days 18 hrs 3 mins 59 secs ago

Hi Jim, yes, you can list a car on your garage sale! When you create your new sale on the garage sale site, there is a Vehicles category, and you can select the vehicle type that you're trying to sell.


Can an ad be changed?
 • 45 days 8 hrs 34 mins 58 secs ago
Can I modify my ad to include additional items after I've registered?

Re: Can an ad be changed?
Dupaco Moderator
 • 44 days 18 hrs 6 mins 49 secs ago

Hi Shawn, yes, you can edit your garage sale after you have registered.


community question
 • 51 days 8 hrs 4 mins 23 secs ago
do you have to be in the cities listed to post? for example Maquoketa city wide is on April 16th would we be able to post and get the kit or is it only for those cities?

Re: community question
Dupaco Moderator
 • 50 days 19 hrs 33 mins 14 secs ago

Hi Jacob, we keep our sales within a close proximity to the communities they mainly reside in. In addition, the Maquoketa sale is a different date than the Dubuque area, so we would not publish them.


Garage sales Manchester iowa
 • 63 days 21 hrs 24 mins 17 secs ago
When is the deadline to put garage sale online

Re: Garage sales Manchester iowa
Dupaco Moderator
 • 63 days 20 hrs 51 mins 29 secs ago

Hi Cindy, the deadline is Monday, April 18.


 • 69 days 7 hrs 23 mins 1 sec ago
when does the sale have to be posted for Dubuque to make the printed directory?

Re: directory
Dupaco Moderator
 • 68 days 21 hrs 29 mins 2 secs ago

Deadline to register a garage sale for the Dubuque sale is 5 pm on Monday, April 18. Thanks for your inquiry!


garage sales
 • 71 days 8 hrs 12 mins 21 secs ago
When will the garage sale locations be put in the paper?

Re: garage sales
Dupaco Moderator
 • 68 days 21 hrs 37 mins 17 secs ago

The garage sale directories will be published in local newspapers the same week of the sale. You can find the sale dates at the top of this webpage. Thanks, Erica!


old format
 • 151 days 11 hrs 16 mins 42 secs ago
I would have to agree with Georgia- the way it was put together last year was super confusing. I had no idea what anyone had-was very disapointed in the set up. Please go back to listing...Also Thanks for having this every year!

Re: old format
Dupaco Moderator
 • 145 days 13 hrs 16 mins 13 secs ago

Thank you for your feedback. We're looking for a way to organize the printed sale directory so that it is useful to users, but doesn't require as many hours to assemble. Organizing the sales by quadrant (aka neighborhood) was done for years by hand in each of the communities we host a sale. As you can imagine, it is a big task requiring several days of work with the added complication of having printer deadlines. However, we'll keep looking for ways to better organize and present sale info to shoppers!


old format
 • 389 days 14 hrs 29 mins 44 secs ago
please go back to the way you listed garage sales last year....many people complaining about not being able to find the sales this year because you didn't post them by area they are in!! But thanks also for having this every year!!

Re: old format
Dupaco Moderator
 • 387 days 14 hrs 16 mins 20 secs ago

Georgia, since the community sales have grown, the process of manually putting each sale into a map quadrant has become very time intensive, so we opted not to group sales by map quadrant in the directory this year. We'll put it into our notes to discuss again next year. Thanks!


Asbury Garage Sales
 • 399 days 15 hrs 40 mins 2 secs ago
Hi. Why isn't there an Asbury Community Site? Asbury is different that Dubuque and it would be nice to post and ad. Thanks

Re: Asbury Garage Sales
Dupaco Moderator
 • 397 days 17 hrs 28 mins 58 secs ago

The City of Asbury coordinates their own sale, and typically Asbury sales are on a different weekend than Dubuque's. Asbury sales happening on the same weekend as Dubuque's can be entered on our site and will receive publicity. Thanks!


Bring back street search!!!
Shirley Armstrong
 • 408 days 20 hrs 53 mins 20 secs ago
In the past one could enter the street name and see if any sales were on certain streets. Easy to plan a route on day of sale. I cannot find this on the new site--if you did away with that feature many are saying we REALLY miss this feature.

Re: Bring back street search!!!
Dupaco Moderator
 • 408 days 17 hrs 41 mins 34 secs ago

Shirley, You can still search by exact address or street name, but we are presently working on improving the accuracy of searching with street name. If you have questions, email me at


Lost :)
 • 442 days 7 hrs 47 mins 29 secs ago
I was wanting to see the list of garage sales so i can plan accordingly, how can i do that >?

Re: Lost :)
Dupaco Moderator
 • 435 days 20 hrs 7 mins 21 secs ago

The site for registering and searching garage sales just went live on 3/18. Go to, create your username/password, and use the search function to see sales and build your itinerary. Have fun!


April 25 Garage Sale
 • 453 days 10 hrs 36 mins 31 secs ago
I am new to Iowa and would like to participate in the city wide garage sale. I am not sure how to register or where to go. Please advise on what I need to do. Thanks Michelle

Re: April 25 Garage Sale
Dupaco Moderator
 • 451 days 18 hrs 44 mins 26 secs ago
Hi Michelle, Welcome to Iowa! We are excited to have you participate in the city-wide garage sale. The site for registration is not quite ready yet. We'll have it up and running the week of March 16. Please let us know if you need any help. We can be reached at 563-557-7600 ext. 2809.

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