Systematic Savings

Put your savings goals on auto-pilot or keep your rainy day fund full

Remembering to set money aside for your wants and needs is a hassle. But it's important to make saving a priority and pay yourself first. This habit ensures that your financial goals are on track before life happens.

Let the credit union do the hard work of making sure you reach your financial goals in a simple and automated way with our systematic savings tools:

Direct Deposit

Set up your paycheck to be directly deposited to your checking account. From there, you can have a set amount of money automatically distributed into multiple accounts, such as your savings account, children’s savings accounts, a Holiday Club account, or a loan account.

Psst, have you had a Money Makeover yet? If not, let us help you determine where you are today and how to budget for tomorrow. And the best part–It’s completely free!

How Systematic Savings worksAuto-transfers

Auto transfers can be set up to automatically distribute money from your checking account to multiple savings accounts. For example, setting up auto transfers can ensure that $20 per month gets stashed away to your vacation savings account each week without you having to think about it.

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You Name It savings

Want a dedicated savings account for a specific goal—such as a vacation or an emergency fund? You name it! Automatically set aside money into an account and name it whatever you choose.

Holiday Club savings

Save all year long for the giving season and avoid added stress by setting up a Holiday Club account. A set amount of your paycheck will be automatically transferred to this account throughout the year, making the holidays a breeze!

Did you know? In 2016, Dupaco members saved a record-setting $4.44 million through their Holiday Club accounts. Learn how to simplify holiday gift-giving this year.

Launchpad savings

Launchpad is a savings account that helps you build momentum towards retirement by helping you establish and grow savings at your own pace. Unlike an IRA, Launchpad has no tax benefits, nor tax consequences or reporting. Learn more about Launchpad and if it's right for you.

DiscoverDiscover how to be money smart by establishing healthy habits!

Start paying yourself first today! Contact a member service representative at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 206, or to set up your systematic savings plan.


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