Debit EMV Card FAQ

Dupaco began issuing EMV chip-enabled debit MoneyCards in March 2017. EMV cards can be used for in-store and online purchases and are harder to duplicate than traditional magnetic stripe-only cards, therefore provide additional fraud protection.

How is using my EMV card different than using a non-EMV card?
Using your EMV card at retailers is easy. Provided that the retailer has an EMV chip-enabled payment terminal just insert your card into the card reader in the bottom slot of the terminal, then follow the on-screen prompts. Remove the card when prompted.

Can I use my EMV card in non-EMV terminal?
Your new EMV card will also have the traditional magnetic stripe. In terminals not equipped with EMV readers, you should use your card as a swipe card. 

Can I use my EMV card at an ATM?
Yes. Your EMV card can be used in an ATM to withdraw cash, make deposits, and check balances just like you could do with your old card.

Will my EMV card have the same card number as my old card?

  • For joint cardholder accounts, the primary and the joint cardholder will each receive a new card number. Each card holder's number will be unique. This is an added security measure and benefit in that if one card is lost/stolen, only the lost/stolen card has to be reissued. The second card on the account will continue to be fully functional.
  • For single cardholder accounts, the card number will not change. They will keep their existing card number.

How do I activate the card?
All cards will need to be activated by each individual cardholder. On an account with joint cardholders, each cardholder will need to call to activate. Activating one card will NOT activate the other.

To activate a card, please call the number on the sticker affixed to your card: (888) 691-8661. You will need to call from the phone number Dupaco has listed on your account. Be ready to enter the following information to complete card activation:

  • Full Card Number
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Your date of birth - entered as MM/YY

Can I use my old card’s PIN?
All EMV cardholders must set up a new PIN for their new EMV Moneycards. Your old PIN will not automatically transfer over to your new card.

How do I select a PIN?

To PIN your card, please call 888-891-2435. You will need to call from the phone number Dupaco has listed on your account. Be ready to enter the following information to complete selection of your card PIN:

  • Full Card Number
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • 3 digits on the back of the card

Will automatic payments that I have set up to deduct from my card need to be changed?
Yes. If you have any payee accounts set up to automatically deduct payment from your debit card, you will need to supply these vendors with your new debit card number. Examples may include Netflix, iTunes, a cell phone service provider, or utility companies.

Will EMV cards work internationally?
Yes, in fact EMV cards are highly recommended for members traveling internationally. If you are planning on international travel and have not yet been re-issued an EMV card, please contact Dupaco.

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