With above-average rates, you'll make a wise investment when you choose a Term Share Certificate, the credit union's version of the bank CD (Certificate of Deposit).

What are Certificate of Deposits?

Dupaco's term-share certificates, or certificates of deposits, are federally insured and a good option if you're looking for an investment vehicle with term options (from 6 to 60 months) and a fixed rate. Certificates are automatically renewable and can even be used as security for Dupaco loans.

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For assistance or more information, contact a member service representative at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 206, or service@dupaco.com.


Term Share Certificate Rates

Current as of: 7/16/2018
Term Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Min. to Earn
59 Month Special 2.98% 3.00%1 $5,000
47 Month Special 2.48% 2.50%1 $5,000
25 Month Special 1.99% 2.00%1 $5,000
12 Month Special 1.49% 1.50%1 $5,000
60 Month 1.64% 1.65%2 $1,000
48 Month 1.30% 1.30%2 $1,000
36 Month 1.05% 1.05%2 $1,000
30 Month 0.95% 0.95%2 $1,000
24 Month 0.80% 0.80%2 $1,000
18 Month 0.70% 0.70%2 $1,000
12 Month 0.60% 0.60%2 $1,000
6 Month 0.35% 0.35%2 $1,000
1Special Term Share Certificate Rate: Minimum amount required to open any Term Share Certificate is $5,000. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change. Dividends begin to accrue on the business day you deposit non-cash items (for example, checks). Dividends will be compounded semi-annually and will be credited to the account semi-annually. Dividends on your account will be credited by adding the dividends to the principle. The annual percentage yield assumes dividends will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.
2Term Share Certificate Rates: Minimum amount required to open any Term Share Certificate is $1,000. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.

Comments (8)
 • 66 days 5 hrs 4 mins 38 secs ago
Do you match competitor rates?

Re: CDs
Dupaco Moderator
 • 62 days 16 hrs 54 mins 24 secs ago

Hi Peg, we will have a Member Service Representative reach out to you. Thanks!


 • 66 days 5 hrs 4 mins 38 secs ago
Do you match competitor rates?

Re: CDs
Dupaco Moderator
 • 62 days 16 hrs 54 mins 24 secs ago

Hi Peg, we will have a Member Service Representative reach out to you. Thanks!


Early Withdrawal
 • 116 days 5 hrs 16 mins 44 secs ago
What is the early withdrawal penalty for an 18 month CD?

Re: Early Withdrawal
Dupaco Moderator
 • 114 days 18 hrs 8 mins 2 secs ago

Hi Sam, any type of early withdrawal from a certificate of deposit incurs a penalty of 12 months loss of interest. If you close the entire certificate out prematurely, you lose 12 months of interest. If you only take a partial withdrawal, there will be 12 months loss of interest on the portion withdrawn. If the certificate has not been active for 12 months, the penalty will be either entirely or partly deducted from the principal.


401k Rollovers
 • 854 days 18 hrs 19 mins 30 secs ago
If my past employers do not charge me any extra cost for keeping the 401k there; what is the benefit of rolling the past retirement accts. into my current 401k? Isn't diversity good?

Re: 401k Rollovers
Dupaco Moderator
 • 850 days 13 hrs 46 mins 10 secs ago

Hi Rick, One advantage of combining the plans would be the simplicity of having your funds consolidated. Even though the plans are combined you're still able to diversify investments in the market within your new 401k. But, meeting with one of Dupaco's financial advisors before making any moves is where we'd recommend you begin. Thanks!


Start saving for retirement
 • 864 days 10 hrs 38 mins 28 secs ago
Hello, I am looking into starting to save for retirement. I am only 20 but want to get started sooner than later. Was wondering what my options are and what is the best place to invest my money. Thanks!

Re: Start saving for retirement
Dupaco Moderator
 • 863 days 14 hrs 47 mins 45 secs ago

Hi Blake, we're glad to hear you are ready to start looking into retirement options - way to get ahead of the game! I will have a representative contact you shortly.


what better cd or mutual funds
 • 872 days 15 hrs 51 mins 49 secs ago
what would you recommend for someone starting late investing do you like mutual funds or cd

Re: what better cd or mutual funds
Dupaco Moderator
 • 872 days 8 hrs 47 mins 55 secs ago

Hi Ty, I will have someone in our IRA department reach out to you soon. Thanks!


 • 926 days 15 hrs 23 mins 23 secs ago
"Fees could reduce earnings on the account." please explain the fees.

Re: Fees?
Dupaco Moderator
 • 923 days 15 hrs 4 mins 34 secs ago

Hi John, the standard penalty is 12 months loss of interest, so if you redeem a CD before you’ve earned the 12 months of interest, the penalty could dip into your principal.


early withdrawal
 • 1008 days 10 hrs 12 mins 36 secs ago
What is the penalty fee for early withdrawal?

Re: early withdrawal
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1007 days 16 hrs 42 mins 48 secs ago

Hi Brittney, the penalty is 12 months loss of interest.


CD - Add in
Kelli D
 • 1093 days 2 hrs 9 mins 16 secs ago
I was wondering if any of your CD's allow for me to make deposits to it, say every other week or every month, on top of the initial start amount or do all of your CD's only allow a one-time deposit when it is opened for the duration of the term?

Re: CD - Add in
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1091 days 17 hrs 41 mins 4 secs ago

Hi Kelli, unfortunately we do not allow add-on deposit to our CDs at this time.


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