Alerts & eStatements

Let your accounts tell you what they're up to with eNotifier Alerts and eStatements, available within Shine Online Banking. To set up eNotifiers, log in to Shine Online Banking from Dupaco's homepage, then click the eNotifiers tab.

eNotifier Alerts
These free* electronic notifications are easy to start and stop, and cover a range of scenarios. eNotifiers are organized into the following categories:
*No fee charged by Dupaco. Message and data rates may apply.

eView: a bird's-eye view of your account activity (withdrawals, deposits, transfers) and balances, delivered daily or weekly via e-mail. eView is an at-a-glance account summary that is perfect for members who may not log in to Shine every day. eAlerts for Visa: get notified the moment your Dupaco Visa credit card number has been used. These eAlerts are ideal for helping you detect potentially fraudulent transactions on your card.
Balance Alerts: get notified that you may need to take action, such as making a transfer to a low-balance account. Balance alerts are triggered by balances on any account except Visa. Activity Alerts: get notified when account activity (withdrawals, deposits, transfers) occurs on any of your accounts except Visa. These alerts are ideal for helping you detect suspicious activity on your account.
Statements and Communications: receive non-urgent messages, like eStatement postings, by text and e-mail.  


By signing up for free* e-Statements—a secure, paperless format of your account statements—you'll be able to access your statements via Shine Online Banking without delay. You'll receive an e-mail or text (you choose) alerting you when your eStatement is ready for viewing. Plus, your statements present and past will be archived.
*No fee charged by Dupaco. Message and data rates may apply.

Get Started

To turn on eNotifiers or eStatements, log in to Shine Online Banking. In the Profile tab, make sure your e-mail address is up to date, and if you want to receive text message updates you must enter your text messaging address also.

Then, navigate to the eNotifers tab. Click on the name of the eNotifier you wish to turn on (eStatements can be found in the eFlags category). Select whether you would like to receive the eNotifier as an e-mail and/or text, and click Save. (Some eNotifiers can only be sent via e-mail, and some eNotifiers can be further customized.)

If you need assistance setting up eNotifiers, we can step you through it. Just contact Dupaco at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 0, or e-mail

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